Metal Vacuum Pycnometer – 2000g


Vacuum pycnometer for a rice test setup. Our pycnometers are machined from high-grade aluminum and are slightly tapered to improve their strength.

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Vacuum Pycnometer

The vacuum pycnometer may not be the backbone of your lab, but it is an important piece to your rice test setup. Most are built with straight sides and are constructed out of steel, but we decided to go with a different approach.

Standard pycnometers are heavy, and while you may not move them often, their weight can be difficult when you have to move your setup.

Houghton Manufacturing

Houghton manufacturing makes our vacuum pycnometers out of high-grade aluminum. This material is strong and also weighs a lot less than the standard pycnometers.

The internal chamber still has flat sides all around, but on the outside, the bottom is slightly tapered to increase its strength.

Vacuum Pycnometer in a vibrating table with vacuum tubes connected to it

A Good Fit

Our pycnometers fit snug inside of all vibrating tables, although we think ours is the best!

Additional Information

Weight 7.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10.5 in