PQI 380 Non-Nuclear Density Gauge


The PQI 380 Non-Nuclear Gauge by TransTech Systems is your go-to gadget for quick and precise asphalt density readings. With a user-friendly touchscreen interface, this lightweight and rugged device delivers reliable results in just 3 seconds, without any licensing hassles. Its full-color VGA display, coupled with a suite of customizable settings and data management features, makes asphalt testing a breeze.

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Introducing the PQI 380 Non-Nuclear Gauge from TransTech Systems, engineered for professionals who demand quick, accurate, and hassle-free asphalt density measurements. This innovative gadget sports a high-resolution, full-color VGA display with LED backlighting, ensuring easy visibility whether you’re working under the bright sun or in low-light conditions.

Navigating through the PQI 380 is a delight, thanks to its intuitive touchscreen and user-friendly graphical user interface. Powered by Microsoft Windows CE, it promises smooth operation, effortless software upgrades, and enhanced user support. What sets the PQI 380 apart is its ability to deliver fast, reliable, and repeatable asphalt density readings in a mere 3 seconds, all without the need for any nuclear technology. Say goodbye to the cumbersome badges, licenses, and transport concerns that come with nuclear gauges.

Customization is at the heart of PQI 380, offering you the flexibility to tailor project and mix entries according to your needs. Its 4 reading modes and diagnostic mode, alongside the data management screen, provide a rich, informative snapshot of your measurements at a glance. Transferring data is a breeze with the USB drive functionality, ensuring your project’s data is always within reach.

The PQI 380 is built to last with a rugged, lightweight aluminum shell, and its reflective vinyl graphics enhance visibility at night, adding an extra layer of safety. The handle extension attachment further adds to the ease of use. With an 8-10 hour battery life on a full charge and a quick 4-hour recharge time, the PQI 380 is ready to go the distance with you on the field. And when it’s time for a recharge, the LED indicator will switch from red to green, letting you know it’s ready for action once again.

Annual calibration is suggested to keep the PQI 380 performing at its peak, and the waterproof case ensures it stays protected during transport and storage. Should you need any support or training, TransTech Systems has got you covered with toll-free support and free training at their NY facility. The PQI 380 also comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor, reflecting the trust and quality TransTech Systems instills in its products.

With the PQI 380 Non-Nuclear Gauge, asphalt density measurement is not just accurate and fast, but also simple, safe, and straightforward.