PIE² Solvent Free Cleaning Oven

The greatest solution to solvent free cleaning.

The P.I.E.² pyrolytic oven is the largest pyrolytic oven on the market. The chamber has a 5 cu/ft capacity and includes two catalyst trays. The entire oven is made of stainless steel which gives it a sleek look and prevents corrosion.

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PIE2 Pyrolytic Oven that makes cleaning glassware solvent free

Say hello to solvent-free cleaning!

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How this oven works.


The PIE2 solvent free cleaning oven works by utilizing three main components: heat, negative pressure, and catalyst. Inside of its 5 cubic foot interior, the oven reaches an ideal cleaning temperature that melts and then breaks down organic material without damaging the vessel that once contained it. This means that all of the organic residues are removed instead of slowly seeping back into what you are cleaning. While the PIE² was designed to handle bitumen, our ovens help clean the plastics, medical, and even footwear industry.

Naturally, this is a very dirty process and can leave behind a lot of harmful gasses and chemicals that are harmful to the environment. To limit the risk of anyone standing around our oven we use negative pressure to keep the gasses from spilling out into your lab and ensure that they are funneled into a secondary cleaning chamber that scrubs the dirty air.

During this process, our special catalyst grabs hold of any potentially harmful gasses and changes them into safer molecules that can be cleaned easily by our oxidation chamber.


Why we decided to make this oven


When the technology became available to us we knew we wanted to design something similar to the original design, but we also wanted to fix a few of the flaws as well. Because of the way the oven works, painted steel rusts very easily and over a short period of time can break down in certain key areas. This not only lowers the efficiency of the oven but also allows harmful gasses to seep out during the cleaning process. We decided that in order to protect the employees that work with this oven daily, we would instead design the entire unit with high-quality stainless steel that won’t break down over time.

Another pain point of the old Barnstead/Tempyrox Pyro Clean was that the explosion safety systems weren’t robust enough for real-life application. Putting a statement in a manual isn’t going to stop accidents from happening, and because of that, we decided to design our oven with more safety controls.

Premium safety features are standard with all models


A re-enforced door locking mechanism

The door lock on the older models was ineffective at holding the door on during chamber explosions. Many times we would go in to investigate a unit that had an explosion and would find the door clear across the lab. We decided that this was too dangerous and so we designed our oven to keep lab personnel safer during an explosion event.

Multiple safety switches

We have added multiple backup safety switches that immediately power off the unit during dangerous operating conditions to assist in protecting your unit and lab personnel from catastrophic damage.

Passive safety blast chamber

We designed a full blast chamber to confine and redirect chamber explosions away from the operator and used a weighted blast door that is designed to seal the chamber after an explosion event and limit the risk of fire.

Optional Nitrogen purge feature

Just like the original unit, our oven features a nitrogen purge option to further inert the oven chamber during the solvent free cleaning cycle. This further reduces the risk of combustion that our base unit has. In some applications, this is a highly suggested feature.


Product specifications

External Dimensions: 42” wide x 62” high x 33” deep (34” deep with nitrogen purge feature)
Oven Capacity: 22.875” wide x 19.7 high x 20” deep (5.22 cubic foot)
Electrical Power: 30 amp Single Phase 240 V, 60Hz
Safety Controls: Chamber high temp switch, blast door switch, oxidizer high temp switch, red kill switch, oven door safety switch
Exhaust: Oxidizer burn off up to 1300°F via catalyst
Oven Construction: All-Stainless
Door Locking Mechanism: Solenoid (1” depth), Manual Door Lock, dual re-enforced door hinge
Optional Features: Nitrogen Purge Feature with monitoring

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Additional Information

Weight 750 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 75 in