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The Grip N Hot Mill gloves are Ambidextrous with a Thermal Double “N” Pattern Coated. The gloves are reversible and come in many sizes to match the hand size of your employees. These gloves can also be ordered with a gauntlet for extra protection. All Grip N Hot Mill gloves resist temperatures up to 400°F.


North Grip N® Hot Mill Gloves

North Grip N® Hot Mill gloves showing the Nitril/Latex Coating

Gloves for Hot Stuff

One of the most popular gloves in the asphalt industry, North Grip N® Hot Mill Gloves by Honeywell offers the most comfortable work glove for dealing with high temperatures. Unlike similar gloves, the North Grip N® Hot Mill gloves allow for full dexterity and can protect the hand from hot surfaces up to 400°F.

Ambidextrous for our left-handed friends

They are constructed using double knitted polycotton shells with a Nitril/latex coating on both sides meaning that no matter which hand you prefer, they will work for you.

Comfort while wearing

The cotton lining was designed to wick sweat from your hands as you work as well as provide extreme comfort with a snug fit. The cotton decreases the risk of cuts while you work.North Grip N® Hot Mill gloves shocasing a protective gauntlet extending their length

Other gloves are available with different materials:

Char Guard


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