NoNuke™ Non-Nuclear Density Gauge


The NoNuke™ by InstroTek revolutionizes asphalt density measurement with its advanced dielectric technology. Designed for accuracy and reliability, this lightweight, rugged gauge swiftly delivers precise readings. With its intuitive software and the handy NoNuke mobile app, managing and reporting your project data has never been easier. Say goodbye to the hassles of licensing and special transport—NoNuke™ makes asphalt testing a breeze.

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Unveiling InstroTek’s NoNuke™, a pinnacle of innovation in non-nuclear asphalt density gauging. This meticulously engineered device stands out with its unique algorithm that automatically alerts operators to moisture presence—a critical factor that can adversely impact the accuracy and repeatability of test results. Its strategically positioned internal and external temperature sensors continuously monitor the gauge and pavement temperatures, ensuring optimal operating conditions.

Ease of use is a hallmark of the NoNuke™. Its lightweight design coupled with a rugged exterior is tailored for the demanding environments of the field. The user-centric software design simplifies the process of inputting material, project, and target density information. The QuickTest button, conveniently located at the top of the gauge handle, facilitates immediate readings, displaying results on a large 4-line LCD that remains clearly visible from any angle, even under direct sunlight.

Taking user convenience a notch higher, the NoNuke™ comes with a complimentary mobile application available on the Google Play Store. This app transforms any Android smartphone or tablet into a powerful data management and reporting tool. With the NoNuke app, you can effortlessly capture data, visualize test results, and generate comprehensive reports. Sharing these insights is a tap away—download, print, or email test results directly from the app. Additional features like GPS coordinate reporting, customized client reports, and a camera function to photograph the testing location, enrich the data reporting experience.

One of the standout advantages of the NoNuke™ is the elimination of licensing, special transportation, and radioactive certifications—streamlining the operational process significantly. This gauge not only meets but exceeds the standards set by ASTM D7113 and AASHTO T343, showcasing its superior performance and reliability.

Data management is straightforward with the NoNuke™. It boasts a substantial data storage capacity and a simple data download process via USB. The automatic alerts for excessive moisture, alongside the fast, intuitive operation, make the NoNuke™ a valuable asset for any asphalt testing endeavor.

The NoNuke™ is a testament to InstroTek’s century of cumulative experience in density measurement and development. It’s the result of nearly a decade of dedicated effort aimed at advancing the existing technology and minimizing the uncertainty associated with dielectric density measurements. With the NoNuke™ Non-Nuclear Density Gauge, InstroTek not only simplifies asphalt density measurement but elevates it to a level of precision and convenience that’s unparalleled in the industry.