NCAT Sample Basket


NCAT Sample Baskets are used to lower the risk of false test results in an NCAT Ignition Furnace. Our baskets work with the warp by using a shape-retaining memory alloy.

!!!! These baskets require a rounded loading handle in order to be used. !!!!

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The better standard NCAT sample Basket

Many of you might remember when the square-designed NCAT baskets were the only baskets available. This was before the angled cornered baskets became the standard thanks to some clever marketing and adoption of the asphalt industry. Well in true Gordon Technical fashion, we have revisited the original design, and are surprised by the results.

Warping happens

When inside of an NCAT during a test, the heat that comes from combustion will cause all metals to warp to some degree. No basket set no matter how well it’s made can maintain its shape completely. The angled corner baskets are no exception. When baskets warp inside of the chamber, they can wobble which inevitably causes the NCAT to burn for an extended period of time. This can add minutes to hours to your burn time and can impact your results.

Our baskets work with the warp

We tested many different variations before settling on the square design. Our Baskets have a unique design that works with the warping to always keep four points of contact with the hearth plate. This ensures your test results are accurate and won’t be skewed by a rocking basket.

Triple NCAT sample Basket

Triple The Tiers for Larger Samples

We designed the triple basket set to work with larger batch sizes and for higher AC samples. The additional baskets help to ensure that your liquid burns off completely instead of sitting in the bottom of your basket.

Despite the fact that your ignition oven gets superheated, not all of the liquid asphalt that touches the pan goes away. There can still be enough liquid to throw off your results.

Our triple basket can hold regular batch samples in the upper two tiers for longer

Key Features:
  • Tougher welds that reduce the wear-down of the legs after multiple uses.
  • 4 Point contact system that allows accurate scale readings even if warping occurs.
  • Enforced sockets so that baskets don’t fall off of the loading handle.

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