NCAT Ignition Oven


The NCAT ignition oven has set the standard as the most serviceable and reliable asphalt content furnace in the industry. This furnace is designed to remove all asphalt content and leave the remaining aggregate dry and ready for testing.

To thank you for relying on us for almost two decades, our certified ThermoFisher NCAT’s come standard with Gordon Technical’s signature added value package at no additional cost:

  • Quality tested to operating temperature
  • Scale verified to AASHTO specifications
  • Lift adjusted for optimal performance
  • Check door to ensure proper alignment
  • Built exclusively with OEM parts
  • Metal Hearth Plate Included

Our NCAT’s are the ONLY furnaces backed by both Gordon Technical and Thermo-Fisher Scientific to deliver the performance and reliability you count on to eliminate your downtime.

Coupled with its proprietary afterburner technology, this asphalt ignition oven is environmentally friendly and extremely cost-effective. It’s no wonder that after over 20 years of service, this furnace is still the industry standard.

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Additional Information

Weight360 lbs
Dimensions36 × 34 × 65 in