NCAT Blower Motor


NCAT Blower Motor for an NCAT Ignition furnace. Designed to keep air flowing through the NCAT, our blower motors are tested for endurance and quality before they ship to your location.

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Quality Tested

At our facility, every NCAT blower motor undergoes thorough testing before being shipped to you. We meticulously check the bearings, shroud, and mounting brackets to ensure the highest durability and longevity possible for our products.


Here are some common issues and their possible causes:

  1. Loud motor – If you notice that the motor is louder than usual, this could be an early sign that the bearings are beginning to wear down. It is crucial to address this issue as soon as possible to prevent further damage.
  2. Low lift – If the blower is not providing enough lift, it may be due to the motor’s inability to draw the appropriate amount of air through the oven. This could be caused by a clogged air filter, a malfunctioning motor, or other obstructions in the airflow pathway.
  3. Lab is Smokey – If you observe smoke in the lab, this may be a late indication that your blower or exhaust system is not functioning properly. Potential reasons include a failing blower, a blocked exhaust vent, or an issue with the oven itself.

In any of these cases, it is essential to promptly address the issue to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your equipment. If you are unable to identify or resolve the problem, please contact our customer support team for assistance.

Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 6 in