MaryAnn® Laboratory Sifter


The MaryAnn® Laboratory Sifter is a standard box-style shaker for sieve stacks. The frame has a built-in sieve stack holder and has wheels for easy movement.

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MaryAnn Sieve shaker by Instrotek The new generation MaryAnn units are UltraQuiet™, with wheels for easy relocation and a SieveRack™ under the unit for easy storage of sieves. Inside a handmade enclosure 8” or 12” sieves can be stacked up to 26” in height and placed inside the Mary Ann without clamping. The inclined, rotating stack of sieves provides a gentle and thorough tumbling action, which allows the particles to pass through the mesh. The sifting process is repeated on the smaller meshed sieve—and so on down through the stack.

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Weight 250 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 24 × 587 in