Houghton Sieve Shaker


The Houghton Sieve Shaker for 8″ and 12″ sieve stacks can be converted in the twist of a dial and is extremely quiet during tests.

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The Houghton Sieve Shaker

The Houghton Manufacturing Sieve Shaker processes your gradations effectively without damaging your eardrums in the process.

The unit is made up of medium-density fiberboard which has natural sound absorbing properties. The resins holding the board together also help to alleviate the risk of hearing loss of lab techs working close to the unit.

Built for durability

Another key feature of MDF board is that it provides structure while being flexible enough to work with the shaker when its in operation. This flexibility prolongs the life of the unit.

Each hammer on the Houghton sieve shaker has a polyethylene sheath that silences the tap and prolongs the life of your sieves. The sheath spreads out the impact of the hammer which in most cases improves your overall results.

Built for safety

This sieve shaker protects its users with an electromechanical kill switch located in the door. The instant the door is open during a test, power is cut to the unit to prevent injury.

Easy to use

Skipping the bells and whistles of its competitors, this unit is built for ease of use. Most lab techs prefer the ability to start and stop tests quickly without having to adjust too many settings.

The timer can pause and the settings are saved between each test eliminating the need to enter in test parameters again and again.

The Houghton sieve shaker can be tilted back and forth using one hand

Additional Information

Weight 250 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 24 × 58 in