Hearth plate


The standard Hearth plate for an NCAT ignition oven.

Our hearth plates are made by the manufacturer as a direct replacement for your oven. This plate is compatible with 859, 945, 1087, and 1275 series ovens. Each plate comes with 4 standoffs designed to fit onto the ceramic tubes inside the chamber to prevent movement.

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The NCAT Hearth Plate

Back in the early 90’s when the NCAT was being developed, Barnstead International and NCAT were having an issue with what kind of plate to use to support the basket onto the scale.

They tried many different types of materials and ultimately landed on a specially designed ceramic that could withstand high temperatures and still keep its shape.

Another key feature of this ceramic material was its ability to stop heat from traveling down the tubes and into the sensitive electronics bay.

This same material is what is used to create the NCAT hearth plate that is available today.

Designed for accuracy

The design features four small standoffs on the bottom of the plate to secure the hearth plate’s position above the balance. These fit into the ceramic tubes that extend down to the balance plate.

Without these standoffs, your ceramic plate will slide around whenever you set down a basket.

While the scale in the NCAT has to put up with a lot, it is still a highly tuned and engineered piece of equipment. Without the correct distribution of weight, that scale will not read correctly, producing inaccurate results.

Hearth pate upside down to show the standoffs

Are you interested in a plate that doesn’t break?

Our new metal hearth plate does away with fragile ceramic and instead uses the unique properties of stainless steel. Expertly designed to fit perfectly above the scale the Metal plate is a fine addition to your NCAT ignition oven.

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