Gyratory Mold Resurfacing


Experience the future of asphalt testing with our Gyratory Mold Resurfacing Service! Boost durability and extend mold life through our advanced chromium bonding solution. Discover improved performance and cost savings today.

Your molds must be cleaned prior to shipping them to us. We suggest Purple Power to clean your molds however we can clean your molds for you with our cleaning service. Note that if you do send in molds that need additional cleaning we will charge a cleaning fee on top of your total.

QuantityPer Item Price
2-19 $1,400.00
20-100 $1,350.00

Introducing our Gyratory Mold Resurfacing Service – a game-changer for the asphalt testing industry. Our unique process involves molecularly bonding chromium onto the surface of steel gyratory molds, ensuring exceptional hardness and unparalleled durability.

By molecularly bonding chromium to the surface of these molds, we’re able to significantly increase their hardness, leading to more resilient molds that are better able to withstand wear and tear.

Our process is designed to be easy and efficient, with quick turnaround times that minimize downtime and reduce costs for our clients. We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that our resurfaced molds are of the highest quality, with exceptional hardness and durability.