GTSSI Infrared Gun with Case


Our infrared guns work from a distance so you’ll never have to leave your truck again! Measures the surface temperature of asphalt and aggregate.

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An infrared gun for every situation

While not all IR guns are alike, ours were picked out for their usefulness in the industry. Both models are able to take the surface temperature of asphalt and aggregate piles and work well in any lighting condition.

Small infrared thermometer by Gordon Technical

Small but mighty infrared gun

Our small infrared gun performs great at a distance. Seriously, this IR gun has a Distance to spot ratio of 24:1. It features a dual laser targeting system, and looks great even when out in the sun. The small IR gun measures temperatures ranging from -58°F to 1382°F (-50°C to 750°C) and has a resolution of 0.1°F (0.1°C). The best part is that this unit can run for up to 14 hours of continuous use.

Customers choose this version for its small size and good battery life. Its great for job sites.


Large GTSSI infrared gun showing unique 8-dot laser target system

Large and in charge

The GTSSI Large infrared gun is one of our premium line products. It has a temperature range of -76°F to 932°F ( that’s -60°C to 500°C for all of our metric friends). The distance to spot ratio is impressive at 16:1 and would like to remind everyone that its not the distant to spot ratio that makes an IR gun great (Looking at you, small IR gun). The laser sights produce an eight-point circle around what you measure to ensure you have the highest accuracy. There is a type K probe connection on the side, which can read temperature simultaneously with the surface Infrared reading.

Customers choose this version for its type K thermocouple which allows them to take external and internal temperature. It’s great for truck beds and aggregate piles.

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