GP Series Lab Scale


The GP Series Lab Scale is our go-to for lab and quarry needs. This scale has excellent dust and water protection and can come with a swing arm for the display.

Product Add-ons

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Brawny Construction

While most of its competition uses plastics and cheaper metals, the GP Series Balance by AND uses aluminum and stainless steel for its base. The scale is dust and water-protected thanks to its unique design and can handle bulk items easily.

For Your Lab

You can weigh with confidence thanks to A&D’s stellar 5-year warranty. The scale has a Hi-Low comparator mode to make checking weights easy and can be fitted with a weigh below hook (Sold separately) for under-scale measurements.

The Swingarm (Select Models) makes weighing everything easier. Being able to move the arm out of the way of large or badly placed items helps to limit the amount of time spent weighing something.

And Elsewhere

The GP Series scales have an optional rechargeable battery pack that allows you to take your scale wherever you need it. The optional anti-theft device allows you to keep your scale where you take it.

Additional Information

Weight 48 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 23 × 17 in