Gilson Silent Sieve Shaker


Gilson Silent Sieve Shaker for 8″ and 12″ Sieves.

In addition to being quieter and safer, the Gilson Silent Sifters also come in two types: silent and dust-proof. The silent model uses Gilson’s proprietary silencing technology to reduce noise levels by 7-18dB compared to standard rotary sifters. This makes them ideal for use in laboratories where noise reduction is a priority. On the other hand, the dust-proof model is designed to prevent the release of harmful dust particles into the air during operation. This is particularly important in labs where hazardous materials are being tested.

Both models of the Gilson Silent Sifters are highly accurate in testing particle sizes, and the digital countdown timer/controller allows for precise control of the testing time. The sieve stack can be adjusted to accommodate different sieve sizes, with the ability to instantly convert between 8in, 12in, 200mm, or 300mm test sieve diameter sizes. The tapping hammer assembly helps particles pass through the sieve cloth for more accurate and consistent results.

The Gilson Silent Sifters are also designed with safety in mind. The test sieves and drive mechanisms are enclosed by the cabinet to safeguard against injury, and the bearing and rod safety covers further eliminate exposed moving parts below the cabinet for greater compliance with OSHA regulations. A safety interlock switch disables the sifter and resets the timer if the door is opened during testing.

Overall, the Gilson Silent Sifters are a reliable and safe choice for laboratories looking to accurately test particle sizes while reducing noise levels and preventing the release of harmful dust particles.

Sieve Capacity

Sieve Capacity
8″ Sieves
Half Height 1″ 22
Full Height 2″ 11
12″ Sieves
Half Height 1.625″ 13
Intermediate Height 2″ 11
Full Height 3″ 7

Power Requirements

Model Power Specifications
Gilson Silent Sifter, 115v 115v 60Hz
Gilson Silent Sifter, 115v (Dust-Proof) 115v 60Hz
Gilson Silent Sifter, 230v 230v 50-60Hz
Gilson Silent Sifter, 230v (Dust-Proof) 230v 50-60Hz

Weight and Dimensions

Weight 245 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 24 × 58 in