Gilson Screen Shaker


The Gilson Screen Shaker offers precise aggregate size determination, available in 5 or 6-tray models, including a silent variant, with 115V or 230V options.

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The Gilson Screen Shaker is a high-performance device meticulously engineered for particle size determination on large samples such as aggregates, ores, slags, and other coarse materials. Whether you are testing standard aggregates or special materials, the Gilson Screen Shaker adapts, providing a swift and accurate size determination.

Equipped to process batch sizes of up to one cubic foot (28.3L), this Screen Shaker efficiently separates materials into six or seven fractions in just six to ten minutes, depending on the material type. The capability of delivering quick and precise particle size determinations makes it an indispensable tool for laboratories with consistent particle size testing workloads.

For your specific needs, Gilson offers six distinct models of the Screen Shaker. The choices range from 5-tray shakers to 6-tray shakers, each promising efficient separations. For quieter operations, the 6-tray silent shaker models incorporate sound-damping structures to reduce operational noise significantly. All these models are powered by a robust 1/2hp capacitor-type motor, with the flexibility of choosing between 115V and 230V power options.

The vibration and amplitude settings in the Gilson Screen Shaker are set to optimal levels for mineral aggregates in the 4in (101mm) to No. 4 (4.75mm) size range. However, with the available options and accessories, the shaker’s utility extends to even finer samples.

Safety and convenience are at the core of the Gilson Screen Shaker’s design. The drive mechanism is completely enclosed, promoting safety during operation, while the independently removable screen trays and dustpans, which are purchasable separately, enhance the convenience of operation.

Whether you’re seeking a versatile Screen Shaker separator, an ASTM screen shaker, an aggregate screen shaker, or an aggregate sieve screen shaker, the Gilson Screen Shaker is the all-in-one solution. With its quick and accurate determinations, along with various features and accessories, the Gilson Screen Shaker consistently delivers superior results.

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Weight540 lbs
Dimensions23.4 × 31 × 47.5 in