Newton EJ Series Compact Balance


The Newton EJ Series compact balance by AND comes in a small package but packs a powerful, feature-packed punch. Perfect for out in the field.


Easily Portable

The EJ Series Scale by A&D is what we call an “ideal” field scale. The scale can be powered by an AC adapter or by AA batteries (Not Included).

Each scale has a security slot in the back that can be attached to a wire lock to help prevent theft.

Field friendly

The scale has a super-fast response time and the display is brighter than 1000 suns, even when powered by a battery.

The “Field” models can be fitted with an underhook (sold separately) for weigh-below functionality.


All A&D Scales come standard with a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

EJ Series Compact Balance Field Scale
Newton EJ Series Compact Balance