Coarse Ceramic Filter


Coarse ceramic filter for an NCAT Ignition oven. Designed to fit 859, 945, 1087, and 1275 series NCAT models.

The 859 and 945 series units require two filters to function correctly

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coarse ceramic filter with a more detailed image of the holes

Coarse Ceramic filter for the NCAT Ignition oven

The coarse ceramic filter was designed to catch the large bits of ash and debris that are produced during a sample burn. If these pieces end up in the exhaust system, they start to collect on the walls of the piping.

This build-up will begin to weaken the NCAT until your samples don’t burn completely, and has been known to be the cause of laboratory fires.

Improves airflow

The whole point of an NCAT is ignition, and airflow is critical to effective burns. The coarse ceramic filter element is designed to be a buffer while still allowing air to flow freely.

Improves air quality

Your filter doesn’t just stop dangerous buildup, it also mitigates air pollution that is caused by burns. The filter heats up to a high temperature (750°C) that aids in breaking down chunks of residue into ash preventing that residue from escaping into the atmosphere.

This also reduces the strain on the exhaust system and makes the exhaust much cleaner than it would be otherwise.

Fragile if handled incorrectly

The coarse ceramic filter consists of a network of holes that are held together by thin strips of ceramic. While the filter holds together when facing the heat of an NCAT, once heated, it cannot stand up to physical stress and will break when handled improperly.

The easiest and safest way to hold the ceramic filter is like a pizza or how a server holds a tray. Support the filter with a flat hand in the middle

Best way to hold a Coarse Cermaic Filter


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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 1 in