Easy blower motor oil - 2 oz

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Easy-to-apply blower motor oil for an NCAT ignition oven. Use this oil twice a year to increase the lifespan of your blower motor.


Blower Motor Oil

Our technicians usually carry about fifteen to twenty bottles of this oil when they are out on the road during calibration season. Oiling your blower motor is singlehandedly the best, most optimized solution when it comes to extending the life of your blower motor.

How to use:

The easiest (and only) way to apply blower motor oil is while it’s still connected to the furnace.

There are two holes located on the side of the blower:

Blower Motor for an NCAT Ignition oven

In each of these holes apply about 4-5 drops of oil and then immediately run your unit.

**** CAUTION ****

If you do not run your motor after applying the oil, your blower motor can and will seize up and become inoperable!

How often should I use it?

If your NCAT runs daily, then you should apply blower motor oil 2-3 times a season. This will lubricate the bearings enough to keep up with the heavy demand.