Blower Motor Oil – High Temperature


4 oz. bottle of blower motor oil that’s ideal for units that run in a high temperature environment.

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Oil Saves

Did you know that a few drops of oil can lengthen the life of your blower motor?

Our technicians usually carry about fifteen to twenty bottles of this oil when they are out on the road during calibration season. Oiling your blower motor is singlehandedly the best, most optimized solution to getting the maximum performance out of your NCAT ignition oven.

Why it’s necessary

When the NCAT ignition oven was being created, Barnstead International needed a fan that could work with the voltage of the unit (240v) and pull enough exhaust to create ideal draft conditions.

They had a fan that could perform both functions, but it had a major drawback. The blower motor that they selected was not rated for the temperatures that the NCAT’s exhausted at.

Because of this, the fans were prone to failure. Thus there needed to be a stop-gap in place to protect the motors. That stopgap was oil.

How fo you lubricate a blower motor?

The easiest way to apply blower motor oil to your ignition furnace is while it’s still connected to the unit.

There are two NCAT furnace blower motor oil ports (Pictured Below):

Blower Motor for an NCAT Ignition oven

In each of these holes apply about 4-5 drops of oil and then immediately run your unit.

**** CAUTION ****

If you do not run your motor after applying the oil, your blower motor can and will seize up and become inoperable!

How often should I use it?

If your NCAT runs daily, then you should apply oil 2-3 times a season. This will lubricate the bearings enough to keep up with the heavy demand.

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