Individual ASTM Test Sieves

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Dual Manufacturing ASTM test sieves are the sieves of choice to many professionals in the asphalt industry and are compliant with ASTM E-11.


Dual Manufacturing ASTM E-11 compliant test sieve.Dual Manufacturing produces the highest quality of ASTM test sieves and has been doing so since 1942.

They are a family-run business that has taken tried and true manufacturing techniques and adapted them to the modern era. By using modern machinery mixed with their advanced construction techniques, their quality continues to rise every year. They manufacture everything in-house and choose not to work with subcontractors or anyone outside of their organization. This is why when you ask anyone in the industry, the company you hear most often is Dual.

East test sieve comes backed up with a certificate

Each sieve that you receive will be individually serialized and will include a certificate stating all of the relevant information needed for your sieve to be compliant, including its conformity with the ASTM E-11 spec.

Note that this item is for individual sieves. If you are looking to purchase an entire Superpave stack we have that option as well.

These sieves work the best inside our preferred sieve shaker.