Asphalt Sample Box

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Gordon Technical’s asphalt sample box has a non-stick silicone lining that doesn’t mix with asphalt. Even after multiple weeks, the boxes can be flipped over and the sample pops right out, with no residue left behind.

There are three box types available

Gyratory – Designed for a 6″ gyratory puck sample

Florida – Designed to hold 10,000 grams of hot mix

Pizza – Designed for entire plate samples


Gordon Technical Plate sample box

Our Asphalt Sample Boxes are going places

The Gordon Technical asphalt sample box was designed for the easy transportation of asphalt samples from the job site to the lab. Each box is made with paperboard and includes a silicone-based lining that ensures there won’t be any leakage during travel.

Gordon Technical asphalt sample box with a thermometer probe hole so that temperature can be taken

They can take the heat

These boxes are all designed to last in an oven while you bring your samples up to temperature. Convenient probe holes are located on the sides of the box so you won’t have to open each box to figure out if it’s hot enough. This means shorter heat-up times so you can go off and do something else.










Perfectly sized asphalt sample boxes for each application

Gyratory Box:

This box was made for use with a gyratory compactor and holds the perfect amount of material for each test. It comes with multiple probe holes to test temperature and includes a built-in funnel so you can empty the box directly into your mold. Each gyratory box is capable of holding up to 5,000 grams of material ( That’s 11 lbs of asphalt! )

Gordon Technical Gyratory box with an asphalt puck right next to it

Pizza Box

Also known as a plate sample box, this box conforms to Indiana state specifications as well as any state that requires plate samples to be taken. Each box features a specially made tab that keeps the asphalt sample box closed during transit. Stamps are placed on the top and sides of each box where you can fill out the information of the sample. This is essential when sending to testing firms. Each Pizza box holds 11,000 grams (up to 25 lbs) of material and is designed to make transferring a plate sample into the box easy.

Gordon Technical Pizza Sample box for plate samples

Florida Box

Designed for crumb-rubber mix, the sides of this box are lined with an extra layer of silicone to ensure that your sample sticks to nothing. Equipped with an easy-close tab that holds the box closed during transit, the Florida box is a must for your lab. The Florida box, much like the gyratory box, is also capable of holding 5,000 grams ( or 10 lbs ) of material.

Gordon Technical Florida Box for crumb rubber mix


Sturdy construction to keep your sample where it needs to be

Any Gordon Technical asphalt sample box can keep its shape even after the asphalt has cooled inside of it. In our experience, they are able to be reused up to 5 times before they need to be replaced.

We designed these boxes to be used by anyone, no matter what kind of oven space you are working with. Our boxes are stackable and can fit neatly inside of any lab-sized oven. We have stamped labels onto the important sides so that you will know which box is which when you open your oven.

You won’t need a rocket science degree to put these together

We know, a lot of the available boxes are hard to put together. Most of us aren’t origami experts. That’s why we built our boxes with the least amount of folds possible. We incorporated tabs to make sure that all of our boxes stay closed when you want them to. The tabs are thick and can be opened and closed multiple times. Each tab fits into the slot perfectly and grips tightly without becoming too hard to get back open.

We have put a lot of blood sweat and tears into the designs of all of these boxes. Each box was crafted for a unique purpose, and we feel that each has hit the mark perfectly.

All Gordon Technical asphalt sample boxes can be ordered in pallets of 500, however, we also carry each box type in our warehouse, and can pull any amount that you need.

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