Class 1 Analytical Weights

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These class 1 analytical weights are an easy way to verify scale accuracy. Whether you choose to verify monthly, weekly, or daily is completely up to you (We don’t judge).


Troemner Analytical weights

Analytical weights are used in asphalt labs to verify scale accuracy. The class 1 weights that we carry are perfect for day-to-day verification (or however often you like to verify, we don’t judge). The stainless steel exterior prevents rusting and makes cleaning easier.

Cleaning and Care

Weights should be stored in their original case and protected from airborne contaminants. If the weights were not supplied with a case you may either purchase one from us or use a clean container that keeps airborne particles from collecting on them between each use.

Excessive scratching must be prevented. While it’s normal for some scratches to occur during use, at a certain point the scratching begins to affect the accuracy of the weight. We recommend that you avoid sliding the weight along surfaces or on the scale pan. Good habits keep your weights accurate for longer.

Use soft brushes to clean surfaces and visually inspect the weight for foreign matter. Always use the included glove when handling the weight. The human hand has enough oil that transfers to the weight that forgetting one time can put your weight out of spec.


GTSSI offers recalibration services for your weights. It is recommended that you recalibrate your weights yearly.