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  • replacement probe for temperature timer

    Temperature Timer Replacement Probe – Non Certified


    Replacement probe for a temperature timer. The lead is made of silicone, can handle heat up to 200°C, and is 42″ long. Please note that when you use a probe that didn’t come with the unit. The calibration is no longer valid and must be re-certified.

  • Temperature Timer with probe

    Temperature Timer


    The Temperature Timer is an alarm thermometer that can be set to ring at a certain temperature, or after a certain amount of time has passed. The timer can be set to up to 24 hours and the probe can be left in your sample while it’s in the oven.

    Range: 0°C to 200°C (32°F to 392°F)

    Accuracy: ±2°C

    Temperature Resolution:

    Batteries: 1 x AAA (included)

    Max Time: 24 hours

  • GTSSI Dial Stem Thermometer with 50 - 500 increments

    GTSSI 8″ Dial Stem Thermometer


    Our 8″ Dial Stem Thermometer includes a metal clamp to secure the thermometer in place. The stem has a line that shows you how far you need to insert the thermometer in order to get the most accurate reading.

    All of our dial thermometers come with an adjustable hex nut making it easy to adjust to whatever reference thermometer you’re using.

  • Large infrared gun showing unique 8-dot laser target system

    Large Infrared Gun with Case


    The Large infrared gun has a 1:16 spot to distance ratio and an 8 dot targeting system so you can accurately see the area it’s measuring.

    It’s packed with features, allows you to set custom emissivity (the measure of an object’s ability to emit infrared energy) values, and has built in error codes to let you know when conditions are ideal or not. This Infrared gun also has a type K probe slot on the side for thermocouple leads.

    All of our infrared guns are temperature verified prior to shipment.

  • Solar Thermometer for a waterbath

    Solar Thermometer


    Digital Solar Thermometer with thermistor. Ideal for finding out the temperature of your water bath at a specific point.

  • Robo Thermometer


    Robo Thermometer with swivel head for multi-angle viewing.

  • Lollipop Thermometer


    The Lollipop thermometer from Traceable features a water-resistant and shockproof design that replaces the need for glass mercury thermometers.

  • Workhorse Thermometer


    The Workhorse Thermometer by traceable features an easy-to-read design which is especially helpful in dimly lit areas. The unit has a continuous runtime of 150-200 hours and a type K range of -58°F to 2372°F

  • Small infrared thermometer by Gordon Technical

    Small Infrared Thermometer


    The Small Infrared Thermometer has a 24:1 distance to spot ratio and a dual laser targeting system. Each gun comes with a case that has a built-in belt loop.

    All infrared thermometers are temperature verified prior to shipment.

  • Chamber NCAT Thermocouple for an NCAT Ignition Oven

    NCAT Thermocouple


    NCAT Thermocouple for the NCAT ignition furnace. Select your model/thermocouple from the drop-down menu to view your pricing.

  • Image of the Karol Warner Digital Manometer with a bleed valve attached

    Digital Manometer


    The Karol Warner Digital Manometer is a powerhouse of a digital vacuum gauge. Its simple but strong design means it can survive years of abuse in your lab.

  • 24-Hour Pyramid Timer


    The FT24 24-hour digital timer from Cooper Atkins is a staple in your lab. The timer can be mounted on a wall from the back, or placed on a table-top on its non-stick rubber feet. The keypad on the front is splash-proof and can be cleaned with a damp towel. The timer has a volume-controlled continuous alarm (up to 90 decibels) and flashing red light

  • Platinum Ultra-Accurate Digital Thermometer


    The Platinum Ultra-Accurate Digital Thermometer by traceable features a platinum sensor for extremely accurate temperature readings.

  • Four Channel Alarm Timer


    The Four Channel Alarm Timer by Traceable features the ability to hold 4 different timers simultaneously. Each alarm can be a countdown or stopwatch type alarm.

  • Instrotek Ignition Panel

    Instrotek Ignition Panel


    Upgrade your NCAT Furnace with the Ignition Panel and enjoy a host of benefits that take your asphalt lab to the next level.

    • Large buttons to operate the panel with or without gloves on
    • No Cryptic error codes
    • No More paperclips

    Plus, the Ignition Panel is fully supported by Gordon Technical, so you can trust its installation and operation. With a large 7” touchscreen, USB port, Bluetooth connectivity, and free mobile app, the Ignition Panel makes using the furnace easier, more efficient, and more reliable than ever before. Upgrade your equipment with the Ignition Panel and enhance your accuracy, efficiency, and durability in asphalt content determination and pavement quality control.

  • Humboldt Universal Digital Timer

    Humboldt Universal Digital Timer


    Humboldt Universal Digital Timer for your rice test setup

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