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  • NoNuke™ Non-Nuclear Density Gauge

    NoNuke™ Non-Nuclear Density Gauge


    The NoNuke™ by InstroTek revolutionizes asphalt density measurement with its advanced dielectric technology. Designed for accuracy and reliability, this lightweight, rugged gauge swiftly delivers precise readings. With its intuitive software and the handy NoNuke mobile app, managing and reporting your project data has never been easier. Say goodbye to the hassles of licensing and special transport—NoNuke™ makes asphalt testing a breeze.

  • PQI 380 Non-Nuclear Density Gauge

    PQI 380 Non-Nuclear Density Gauge


    The PQI 380 Non-Nuclear Gauge by TransTech Systems is your go-to gadget for quick and precise asphalt density readings. With a user-friendly touchscreen interface, this lightweight and rugged device delivers reliable results in just 3 seconds, without any licensing hassles. Its full-color VGA display, coupled with a suite of customizable settings and data management features, makes asphalt testing a breeze.

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