NCAT Ignition Furnace

The NCAT Ignition Furnace has been an industry standard for well over 30 years. View all articles on its history, maintenance recommendations, and how-to posts.

  • New Series, Old Series, Which NCAT Do I Have?

    New Series, Old Series, Which NCAT Do I Have?

    If you have ever called in for maintenance, you’ve been asked this question. Do you know which series you have? It’s your typical deer in a headlights situation. There’s always an audible silence before the caller ends up saying, “no” and “how can I find out”? Today, we are going to tell you the difference ...

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Good NCAT Maintenance: The 10 Simple Commandments, Part 1

“NCAT maintenance”, Mike said matter of factly. “What?” I said because his statement came out of nowhere. “Do a blog on NCAT Maintenance, and call it something cool” Mike was looking at me expecting me to completely understand what was going on. “ Call it the 10 commandments of NCAT Maintenance or something like that.” …

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How to install a Setra balance and 3 dangerous things to look out for.

Setra balance showing all of the individual parts laid out

There is a metal box that sits inside of your NCAT Ignition Oven. It’s rectangular and sits directly under the burn chamber. That box is the reason why your oven can perform the burn-off method so accurately, but that same box also has the potential to ruin hours, days, or even months of testing if not installed …

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The death of the 208v NCAT Ignition oven thanks to Buck Boost

NCAT Ignition oven with a Gordon Technical triple stack basket in the chamber

The buck boost transformer has existed for many years, but many people don’t understand what this device can do. Most people assume that the power coming into your building limits you on what equipment you can use. I say assume because most of the time there are workarounds to help you out and the 208v …

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