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Once in a while, you’re given an opportunity to build a better future.

All About Custom Lab Solutions

Gordon Technical created Custom Lab Solutions to assist our customers who needed special-made products in their labs. With a huge focus on safety, usability, and design, Custom Lab solutions build products that aren’t made by other manufacturers. Of course, those manufacturers can’t be blamed for the lack of products, the cost to retool a factory to make something else would be astronomical. That’s where our solutions come into play. We have found that a lot of the problems out there are shared among many labs. Not enough for a large manufacturer to serve, but enough that an agile plant can handle. We have partnered with many such plants in the Richmond, VA area and are now able to design and build custom products for any of your needs.

Versatile Cleaning Table

Objective – The customer had limited space and needed a table that would allow them to clean off their sieves and collect everything into a pan for weighing. 

The Challenge – Tables like this did exist, but none that met all of their requirements.

Our Solution – We built a table that was able to:

  • Fit any sieve type (Even Screens)
  • Had an adjustable weighing platform that could fit any scale
  • Could be converted from a sieve cleaning table to a work top in seconds
  • Fit in a small space without getting in the way
  • Had adjustable legs to keep the table and scale platform level
  • Included a Holder for the table top when not in use
  • Works with any bench scale and external readout
Custom lab table made by Gordon Technical
dust collection system vent 1

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