Who We Are

We’re a family of asphalt supporters who delight our customers

How It All Began

Our Story

He had great relationships, he had a list of typical products, and he made good money, but there was something missing. That’s when Mike Gordon decided to branch out and create what ended up being Gordon Technical Sales and Service, Inc. It started in a corner of a bedroom with only one rack to store products on, and was cultivated into a philosophy. Sometimes what the customer thinks that they want, isn’t what they actually need.

He knew that in order to serve the industry better, he needed to understand it. How it worked. What went into testing. How each piece fits into the puzzle. In short, he needed to be more knowleadgeable than what was required in order to figure out what his customers needed. 15 years later, we stand as a testimate to his decisions. We have proven that his philosophies were quintessential to the success of the asphalt industry


Who we are

We are a rag tag team of asphalt professionals who are driven to make things easier for our customers.

What we do

We provide products, service, and knowledge to QC managers in the asphalt industry.

Why we do it

We don’t like the growing trend of creating solutions to problems that don’t exist.