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Eliminate Your Downtime

Service to keep your quality control lab running. Products to help you get there.

We Eliminate Your QC Lab Downtime

Service to keep you running. Products to help you get there.

Service Your Equipment

Calibrations, Repairs, and Emergency Service

Buy New Products

Lab Supplies, Consumables, and Equipment

How we help


Keep Your Lab Compliant

Gordon Technical strives to get factory training on all the items we calibrate. We do this to become more familiar with each piece of equipment which allows us to navigate the most common calibration issues.

This helps us figure out potential issues ahead of time, instead of during your service visit.

Our typical calibration season begins in October and lasts through May. Peak demand happens from December through March.

Preventative Maintenance

Keep Your Lab Maintained

At Gordon Technical, we understand the importance of frequent quality maintenance when it comes to preventing equipment failure.

Skipping yearly maintenance is a short term gain that can lead to higher repair bills and costly delays in production.

That’s why we offer Preventative Maintenance while we perform your annual calibrations.

Equipment Repair

Keep Your Lab Running

Your equipment never goes down when its convenient and despite your best efforts, your technicians still wait until the last possible moment to tell you when somethings not working.

You don’t have time to waste waiting for parts, you need results now. That’s why when our technicians show up on the jobsite, they have everything that’s needed to fix the issue.

Get free technical support below

  • Is your equipment not working?
  • Are your equipment calibrations due?
  • Is your lab currently Down?

Let us prove to you why we are the best.

Service Your Lab

We offer Calibrations,
Preventative Maintenance, Repairs,
& Emergency Service.

Find Better Products

We select our products through actual
field research by going to customer locations
& working with our testing partners.

Learn Neat Stuff

We share everything we learn with our customers. This includes maintenance tips, product reviews, & more…

Gordon Technical Blog

The Gordon TechBlog provides top notch entertaining content. We don’t want to drown you in boring, sciency, articles. We want you to actually read our stuff.

Gordon TechShow

The Gordon TechShow is designed to keep our customers both educated and entertained. We post videos about our products, our company, and extra service tips. If you head over to our channel please remember to like and subscribe for the best content.

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