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30% Less than the cost of a new mold

Up to 3X longer life

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Blog Articles

NCAT Ignition Furnace

The Mastery Series – Chapter 3: Maintaining Your NCAT Ignition Furnace

In the previous chapter, we delved into the origins of the NCAT ignition furnace and the technology and theory that underpin its function. We also discussed the challenges faced during its design and the journey from concept to implementation. In this chapter, we will attempt to build an ignition furnace together from scratch. We’ll be…

Artist Rendering of an NCAT Ignition Oven

The Mastery Series – Chapter 2: Introducing The NCAT Ignition Oven

Almost every lab in the country has an ignition oven. Sure, there are some standouts; some states require extractions with solvents, but for the most part, ignition is king. But how did this become the standard? Why did everyone switch from extractions to ignition seemingly overnight? What even is an ignition oven anyway? In today’s…

The Mastery Series – Chapter 1: Intro to the mastery series

The Mastery Series – Chapter 1: Intro to the mastery series

Have you ever taken a look around your lab and wondered how any of the equipment works? Have you been in the industry for more than ten years and at this point are too scared to ask? Well, believe it or not, you’re not alone. Welcome to our mastery series – a collection of blog…